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Understanding CARDIO




People now a days are starting to become health conscious, especially with the increase in obesity. More and more people are now heading to gyms. The word gym comprises heavy lifting as well as cardio. It ain’t about lifting heavy weights and bulking up. Physical transformation consists cardio as well as weight training. Cardio has always had a special place in the process of a physique transformation. But doing too much cardio or not the right kind of cardio may literally be killing your gains in the gym - causing you to lose muscle, gain fat, or both!


Now the question is, do you know if cardio sessions help to get in shape as well as do not damage your body in a long run? 

Well it all comes down to the quality and quantity of the cardio being done. 


When implementing a cardio protocol, You can apply the "minimum effective dose" or MED. The MED is the MINIMUM amount of something you need to produce a result.

Think of it this way. When you are taking a medication to fight a cold, 1 gram a day for a week would get rid of the cold and taking 10 grams a week will produce the same results. So why would you do more than you had to if taking either dose will kick the cold? Not to mention the added dosage may have harmful effects.


This is the principle you can apply to cardio if your goal is minimizing fat-gain during bulking or maximizing fat-loss during a cutting phase.

Do the minimum amount to produce the result you are looking for.


Anything more then MED is too much. Once you start doing excessive amounts of cardio, your body shifts to a catabolic environment. It uses calories that could have been used for muscle building, stress hormones increase, glycogen decreases, and your ability to recover from weight training decreases.



Doing some cardio is better than nothing, but if you are going to be doing cardio, choose HIIT. By doing HIIT-style cardio you are improving your ability to build muscle in the long-run (see reasons #2, #3, and #5).

In addition, you will look more "ripped" and muscular because your body-fat percent will be lower than if you did a bulking phase without doing cardio.

And for some of you, the ultimate reason to do some cardio may just be to improve your overall health.


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  • Raj

    09 Apr 2018

    Now the question is, do you know if cardio sessions help to get in shape as well as do not damage your body in a long run?

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