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Ever since the first invention in transport, human beings have been on the move. Around 8000 BC Canoe was introduced as a mode of transport and in 1662 first public transport was introduced in the form of STAGECOACH. From these to self driving cars, we have come far away. Not only in technical aspects but also on the basis of choices we have right now, transportation of goods as well as public transport has grown immensely. Transportation includes carrying goods from one place to another as well as making people visit places. 

Initially transport was just for doing the work it was intended to do, but now a days it's more about comfort and luxury. The more you spend the more comfortable and luxurious it gets. From daily routine travelling to a well planned tour, we all need specific mode of transport. According to the money we want to spend every mode is available to us. From airplanes to metro, and from buses to luxury cars, everything is nearly at our doorstep.

If not at our doorstep, we can reach these facilities on their specific places, we can board buses, trains, cruise and many more by going to bus stands, railway stations, sea port, metro station, taxi stand etc. Find exact directions to these various places with the help of linkkar, find exact contact details to get your queries answered. It really is a great thing when you are going to a new place and you have the access to all of these places. The great interface in linkkar makes it much easier to use and gives different options to chose from.

Happy travelling!

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