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Undoubtedly one of the greatest problems in our life is deciding how the end of our lives will play. In order to make this time in our lives have greater purpose, we create a "bucket list", a list of things we want to accomplish, some of which usually are vacation destinations. After all, now that you have retired from working a full-time job or even sold off a personal business, you're hoping to enjoy the fruits of your life-long labor by seeing the world you were too busy to enjoy before.




The real problem is deciding where it is you actually want to go. Some people have a hard-enough time trying to get off their couch in retirement, let alone becoming part of the jet-setting crowd. There is a lot to consider? Do you like to fly? Are you more of the road-trip ilk? Does riding the rails seem like an old-school but still very cool thing ? 


Deciding on bucket-list vacation destinations is difficult, but if you're still in the planning stages, you might want to try on these three possibilities:



Kauai, Hawaii - Noted to be the oldest of the Hawaiian islands, in many ways Kauai is different than the other islands. There is a noticeable difference in terms of the tourism, and there is a laid-back feel to how the island operates. This vacation option certainly packs in the great details - ocean water, tropical weather, beaches, relaxation. If you & your partner are going big on a vacation together, this is a sweet choice to cross off something on your list in style.



Las Vegas, Nevada - OK, before you balk at this choice, keep in mind that while Las Vegas tends to be characterized by excess & a place for bachelor/bachelorette insanity, you do have some of the nicest hotels in the country. You're also privy to a picturesque scenery beyond 'The Strip', are provided a grand opportunity to taste first-rate cuisine from some of the best chefs in the world, and you can take in world-class entertainment. Vegas is certainly bucket-list material for sure.




Red River, New Mexico - The first two options show how big you can go when it comes to vacation destinations even later in life. Still, they are a certainly on par with jumping into the deep end of the pool. Maybe you're not ready for a big flight out to Hawaii, or maybe you're still a little hesitant about Sin City. Red River is the ideal place to enjoy the quiet solitude of a quaint mountain town. You also get a chance to enjoy the Rocky Mountains, are greeted with tremendous winter & summer entertainment


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