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As soon as trading came into existence lives of people changed, some became potential customers while others became sellers. As a result, a place where buyers and sellers meet became SHOP. 

A shop is where we go and buy our daily routine stuff. A place where our demands meet supply. 

Although there are certain places which offer you each and everything, in general we have to visit a particular shop for a particular need. And this is where things may get difficult. Knowing what to buy and from where to buy is a must. Linkkar helps to do the same. It categories shops and lets you narrow your search. Shops near you are now much closer than before thanks to linkkar. Find shops of utensils, groceries, watches, marble, gifts, gaming parlour and the list goes on. Find what you need and see how easily you can get there. It's all about timing and quality, buying something which is qualitatively superior and easy to purchase in little time. 

As the world is changing, new technologies are coming and online shopping has started to alter the things respectively. People buy things online but let us just see it the other way, there are people who do not trust product that is displayed on a screen and they want to see that product they want to buy in person. Thanks to shops we don't have to face any confusion. Just go and buy the thing that you want. 

Let linkkar help you in this and make your shopping much easier than it was ever. Just select the category and you are ready to go with the most astute results. 

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