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According to the perspective of economics, service is  something which is offered in exchange of money. Transaction which does not include exchange of goods from buyers to sellers comes under services. The best thing about services is that the customer takes the direct benefits in exchange of money. A consumer takes the advantage of skills, experience and resources of a service provider. Services are provided by different service providers on the basis of things they are offering and help that we want.

It's not necessary that whatever we are doing can completely be done by us, or we may not face any problem doing such jobs which may make us sweat. For illustration if fixing a broken tap seems a pretty easy job but it is not. For that you have to ask for a plumber, who will assist you in that fixing with his services. Same is the case with electrician, mechanic, housekeeper, painter, courier boy, computer repair, photographer, pest controller, laundry, script writer, carpenter and many more. All the mentioned are experts in their respective field and provide quality work. Don't go far, even this blog is a part of service provider who wrote this.


As we are becoming more and more used to our phones, we need all of these service providers in our contact. As a matter of fact all of these will be in our phones with the help of linkkar. No matter what you are stuck with, a totalled car or a jammed sink, search linkkar and get the services at your door step. 

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