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Roadside And Street Vendors

Street vendors are an important part of urban economies around the world, they offer easy access to a wide range of goods and services in public spaces. From fresh vegetables to prepared foods, from building materials to garments and crafts, from consumer electronics to auto repairs to haircuts they sell almost everything. In a place like india these vendors are the best option to find what we want.

Obviously all the people do not share the same opinion but for a middle class man these vendors are great. From CHAI WALA, to a vegetable seller, these vendors help a great deal. Plus the price is also reasonable, imagine having a Thali for 30 rupees from a street vendor and the same sort of THALI at a price of 199 in a nice restaurant. 

Less problems to entry, limited start-up costs, and flexible hours are some of the factors that draw street vendors to the occupation. Many people enter street vending because they cannot find a job in the formal economy. But surviving as a street vendor requires a certain amount of skill. Competition among vendors for space in the streets and access to customers is strong in many cities. And vendors must be able to negotiate effectively with wholesalers and customers.

A survey by The Informal Economy Monitoring Study (IEMS) revealed that street vendors in cities strengthen their communities.Street trade also adds vibrancy to urban life and in many places is considered a cornerstone of historical and cultural heritage. For example, street vendors who sell chai, called "chai-wallahs," are an important part of India's cultural heritage.

Despite their contributions, street vendors face many challenges, are often overlooked as economic agents and unlike other businesses, are hindered rather than helped by municipal policies and practices. Often there working place is damaged by MC. Often food sold by them is termed as unhealthy and despised. 

What we need to do is support them, we need to make governments realise that they not only build a strong economy but also provide specific stuff for a specific set of people. Believe me there are lesser people who can spend thousands on a meal but millions of people who can only spare 30-40 bucks for the same.  

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