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Human body is sort of a machine. And every machine needs maintenance. The more we use a machine the more is the chance of damaging its part. In case of human body, these are diseases and bad habits. Which ultimately needs some sort of attention at a particular place. 

Rehabilitation or also called as rehab, is the treatment for a person who is suffering from an illness. You can find three basic types of rehabilitation, which are classified based on the type of illnesses.

• Psychiatric rehab- Psychiatric rehab or psychosocial rehab is the process of restoring a person, who is diagnosed with a psychiatric disability or a mental disorder, for their well being and functioning properly with the community. 

• Penology Rehab- Criminal rehabilitation is called as penology rehab. In this process of treatment, the basic assumption they follow is that not all criminals are permanently criminal, and it is quite possible to restore them to the social community as contributing and helpful citizens. 

• Neuropsychological rehab- Retraining of the neural pathways to improve process of thinking, which is weakened due to disease or traumatic injury


In summation, we can derive that rehabilitation is a process of recovery of a person, who can function properly for regaining independence and quality for his/her self, after the illness occurs. 

The success of the rehab process completely depends upon the will of the person to get well. The earlier the process is started, the greater the chances of reverting back to normal life.


Now, we will go through the different types of treatments in a rehab process. They are as follows:

• Outpatient rehab- Like the name suggests it is a treatment process for the individuals who do not live at the rehab center due to some reasons. Due to this, variation may occur in the intensity of the treatment during the day. However, the treatment programs are structured on the requirements of the individuals. 

• Inpatient rehab- This treatment is for the individuals who live in the rehab cent re. The main motive for doing so is to keep the patients away from the cause of the illness, such as drugs and alcohol, in drug addiction cases. The patients have to live in the center for the entire span of the rehab program. 

• Short-term rehab- This treatment consists of intensive programs which help the patient to stay away from drugs and alcohol. The duration of such a treatment might be 4 to 10 weeks. The individual undergoing the treatment is able to maintain his/her daily routine because of the 5 days a week structure of the treatment.



• Long-term rehab- This treatment process is designed for individuals who need intense and uninterrupted care for a long period. The treatment consists of dealing with the emotional, social, spiritual, vocational and physiological needs. They also offer aftercare programs that aim at relapse prevention and support. 

• Residential rehab- The qualified teams at the rehab centers offer different treatments, which are undertaken in places, which are suitable for the patients to recover. The environment is made to resemble home, so that the patient is relaxed and is removed from his/her surroundings for faster recovery. 


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