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Online Education E-Learning

Talked to a teacher a few days ago. Sort of distracted he was and i went into the depth of the thing. As his profession he wants to teach students but factors were not supporting his will. Due to the location of his institute and due to the remote areas from where students cannot come made him sad and shattered. Met the same teacher yesterday and he was happy and elite. When i asked this transformation in emotions he just said ONLINE EDUCATION


What is it? Where can it be found ? What are its advantages? Let's discuss about these questions and spread some knowledge. 

Online education is a form of education which is delivered and administered using the internet. Online education is becoming more than a cheaper or less time-consuming alternative to traditional education. A student doesn't need to go to the institution and a teacher doesn't need a classroom to teach, one of the beauty of online education. 

Over six million students are currently taking one or more of their courses online; 50% of universities offer an online degree program. These numbers are only growing. Technology has changed the nature of education — and the jobs of educators. Online instruction requires different methods to help students learn. This course is designed to help teachers update their skill sets to teach effectively online 

Here are some advantages of online education:

  • Online education offers variety of programs and courses.
  • The total cost is lower than traditional education method.
  • It adds up to comfortable learning which has great flexibility and convenience.
  • Online education tends to greater ability to concentrate and guides in proper career advancement.
  • While taking online education one can continue his profession and improve technical skills. 

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