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Mobile Phone A Technical Marvel

Communication, simple word yet so much power its meaning has, exchange of information some say, for others it is conveying thoughts, even legacies are in existence because someone exchanged their reign in form of words and stories. From ravens that flew through realms to modern day devices which instantly connect, we , the human race has travelled a long way. And i presume there is no stopping  us. Ever since the communication played its role in making wars happen and stop them, from a simple decoded enigma message sent by Turing that won them world war, communication is what we desire. 

For our sake we invented phones, wired bulky phones that made calls, that they were intended to, then we took a leap and made MOBILE PHONES. A modern marvel, having almost everything. First their sole purpose was to make phone calls from wherever we want and without cords, but now they have become a part of our life. An indispensable part that we have become so much independent on mobile phones, social networking, gaming, phone calls, clicking photos, emailing and almost every official work, we do all of these on our phones. 

Mobile being so much important in our lives and lifestyle, has created its market and humongous one i should mention. Multi billion industry with tech giants like APPLESAMSUNG, NOKIA, BLACKBERRY and many more have given so much to us. Millions of jobs around the world the provided and of course Such devices which are astonishing. Beautiful looking things which are capable of doing things a computer can and may be beyond it. After all you can't carry a computer in your pocket. They have eased our lives, and with the advancement of internet we can do almost everything from our phones. Shopping, ordering food, searching, navigation, and obviously communication. 

Who could have thought taking a photo without a DSLR is possible, but mobile phones made it possible. These devices have grown so much and the technology has become so advanced that these little devices really are modern marvels. Touch screens which give awesome interface , connectivity with almost every electronic device are some of the many specialities of these devices. Introducing technologies like VR ( Virtual Reality ) AR ( Augmented Reality )  , Face recognition , GPS, have made mobile phones one of the most powerful portable devices we have right now. Irrespective of the wrong use of such things, bad habits they are creating, we need these devices. And the day is not far when we will be wearing them on our skin. 

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